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Write Dynamic Evergreen Notes for More Creative Note-Taking

Learn how to cultivate a more creative personal knowledge management system with dynamic evergreen notes.


Are your evergreen notes hindering your creativity? That could be because you’re forcing yourself into a set of rigid rules.

In a previous article, I discussed the crafting of evergreen atomic notes as a crucial component of personal knowledge management. It’s one of my most popular articles to date and I still stand by it because it accurately outlines the key qualities of an evergreen atomic note as laid out by Andy Matuschak.

However, the LYT workshop inspired me to adopt a more flexible and dynamic approach to note-taking. And I’m happy to report that the result has been a much more fertile and prolific idea labyrinth. (Yes, my mind garden has now evolved into an idea labyrinth.)

So here’s my more flexible take on writing evergreen notes.

The Timeless Essence of the Evergreen

What does it mean for a note to be evergreen?

As the name suggests, an evergreen tree stays green year-round. And like an evergreen tree, a well-written evergreen note will stay relevant and useful for years to come.

One common misconception about evergreen notes is that they are unchanging. This isn’t true of evergreen trees or notes. Everlasting does not mean never changing. Most evergreen notes will never be finished. They are living, changing, and growing documents.

You can and should update them when you learn new information or your perspective has changed.

Growing Evergreen Notes into a Dynamic Forest

An idea labyrinth is not just a collection of isolated notes; it’s an interconnected ecosystem.

Evergreen notes are meant to not only evolve over time but accumulate. As you link evergreen notes into a thriving forest, their value continues to compound.

The more evergreen notes you have, and the more densely linked they are, the more fruitful your idea labyrinth will become.



Angie Bowen

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