How To Write An Evergreen Atomic Note

Discover the secret to crafting remarkable Evergreen Notes and watch your mind garden flourish.

Angie Bowen
5 min readApr 20, 2023


Andy Matuschak proposed the term Evergreen Notes as a means of establishing a personal knowledge bank of interconnected original thoughts.

He based his system on Niklas Luhmann’s slipbox, while introducing a few key differences.

Note: This article accurately outlines the key qualities of an evergreen atomic note as laid out by Andy Matuschak. It’s important to understand the basics and best practices. But overall, I recommend a more flexible form of note-taking.

The Characteristics of an Evergreen Note

There are four essential characteristics of a well-written evergreen note.

  • Concept-Oriented: They capture the essence of an abstract idea.
  • Write for Yourself: You should explain the concept in your own words.
  • Associative Ontologies: They should be organized…



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